Une maquette animée du chateau du générique de Game of Thrones

Magnifique réalisation, cette maquette animée du château qui apparait au générique de la série TV "Game of Thrones". Une vidéo qui a dépassé les 100000 vues, espérons qu'elle atteindra le million, c'est vraiment mérité.
Pour savoir la vérité sur la réalisation... eh bien regardez la vidéo, et lisez la suite...

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A little project I did with my brother before I moved out of the house to go to college.
In this video you can see a real wooden expandable castle like in the Game of Thrones intro sequence. Or at least that is what it looks at first.
In fact it is a hoax made with Blender 3D, but I hope you will enjoy this video anyway and appreciate the time and effort that it took to create this.

  • Software used : Blender 3D ,(rendered with Cycles render) Edited with WMM
  • Tijn Berends:Sound-effects and screenplay
  • Max Berends: Concept, Camerawork, Computer-Graphics and Editing.
  • Music for the credits: "Stop" by Ghost Kollective from CCMixter.
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